Becoming a Conscious Leader

The current level of development of our leaders is no longer adequate for dealing with today’s complex business reality. More than ever, in order to lead effectively, we need to think and act from a more conscious and systemic perspective.  Becoming more conscious and effective is not a result of only learning new skills and competencies, but also depends on our capacity to make fundamental shifts in how we think.  Our flagship program Becoming a Conscious Leader is designed to reach this core objective: to provoke a profound shift in how leaders think and act to empower them to become more conscious, more collaborative and highly effective.

Objectives of the program: introduce key concepts, explore practices, acquire tools, and live an experience of inner transformation.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Explore leadership from a developmental and transformational framework and do your own self-assessment

  • Understand that we are evolutionary beings and that we need to “grow up and wake up” to achieve higher levels of leadership effectiveness

  • Experience a transformationnal framework including a step-by-step methodology that will guide you in becoming a more conscious leader

  • Explore the three main reactive leadership patterns and how they impede personal power and leadership effectiveness

  • Explore and align with the five most powerful competencies of conscious and creative leaders

  • Design and engage in developmental practices to sustain your growth beyond the workshop

  • Senior executives, directors and managers responsible for initiating and/or leading a cultural shift
  • Directors accountable for organizational development (OD), training and development
  • Leaders and individual contributors eager to grow and to develop a higher level of effectiveness

Nell van Walsum, M.Sc., PMP, has over 30 years’ of professional experience as an executive, program manager, project manager, advisor, facilitator and trainer. She was a project manager for 20 years, an executive at a local environmental consulting firm for seven years, and more recently an independent consultant.  Her work has taken her across North America, to Europe, Africa and Asia; her clients and employers have included the public and private sectors as well as not-for-profit organizations.  For the past 10 years her focus has been to enhance personal and organizational performance through improved leadership, strategy development, planning, risk management and most importantly, personal growth.  Ms. van Walsum is a leader and a strong team player; she is goal-oriented, bilingual and very comfortable with public speaking.  She understands and appreciates the complexities and challenges facing today's leaders. In recent years, Ms. van Walsum has focused her attention to facilitation and training to drive sustainable change.  


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Becoming a Conscious Leader (Online session)
May 2, 3, 4, 5, 2022
9:00 - 12:00

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