Advanced Strategic Thinking

Advanced Strategic Thinking builds on the tools developed during the first level Strategic Thinking workshop.

The flow of data and information through our workplaces has increased beyond expectations, and the pace of our decision making must increase correspondingly. The complexity of interactions of people and priorities is ballooning at a rate that shows little sign of slowing. It is now more important than ever for strategic thinking to be a core skill of all professionals tasked with making decisions. The future of organizations will literally depend on well thought out strategic plans.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Enhancing your understanding of strategy and strategic thinking

  • Refining your ability to select thinking skills based on timing and need

  • Enhancing your understanding of systems and feedback loops

  • Developing your option mapping skills

  • Enhancing your abilities to identify assumptions, biases and pre-set preferences

  • Including implementation, evaluation and learning in strategic thinking work

  • Practicing using strategic thinking skills on actual problem sets

  • Connecting strategic thinking to strategy and policy

  • All management professionals who work primarily in a supervisory or strategic planning function. It is also suitable for those aspiring to further develop their abilities to make decisions that are future-focused rather than of immediate tactical concern. It is recommended that participants take the first level Strategic Thinking workshop or have experience with strategic processes within their organization.

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‘’This workshop has given me lots of fodder for future reflection and development.’’

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