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    About the Security, Economics and Technology Hub

    As Canada progresses into the 21st century, it experiences change at an accelerating rate in three interrelated areas: security, economics and technology (SET).Intersection of security, economics and technology (SET)

    Canada's place in the world is increasingly dependent on security, economic strength and technological evolution. These issues are inseparable as Canada keeps pace with unfolding new political orders and prepares for the future by innovating and adapting to disruptive technology and global change.

    The SET program provides relevant and contemporary knowledge on important issues by convening training and events that address your interests. In light of global challenges, the needs of policy makers, practitioners and the private sector, the SET hub provides subject matter experts who grasp the details and dynamics to help you navigate a positive and forward path in your responsibilities.

    SET Certificate Programs

    SET General Certificate
    Advanced Certificate in Threats, Risks and National Security
    Advanced Certificate in Information and Cyber Security

    Upcoming SET Security and Cyber Courses & Events 

    Security considerations are on the mind of decision-makers in the public and private sectors. The Institute is a trusted source of knowledge and learning in security policy. It fosters substantive dialogue and provides professional development opportunities with global top security policy experts. The exchange of knowledge on current and emerging security issues leads to actionable policy, informed decision-making and enhanced resiliency.

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    Past S.E.T. Workshops

    • "From Global to National Security: Emerging Trends and Challenges"
    • A New National Security and Privacy Regulatory Framework: Key Impacts on the Private Sector
    • Big Data Analytics and the Future of Decision Making
    • Canada’s National Cyber Security Strategy
    • Canadian Security and Technology Strategy
    • Canadian Security in a Changing World
    • Compliance and Audit of Values and Ethics in Public Service
    • Countering Violent Extremism: An International Undertaking & Canada's Role
    • Cyber Security and the Cloud
    • Cybersecurity in an Era With Quantum Technologies
    • Cyberwar, Cybercrime, and everyday Cyber Attacks: How Nations Prevent and Respond to Cyber Threats
    • Doing Business in a Complex Geopolitical Environment
    • Effective Communication for Security Policy Development
    • Energy Policy in the 21st Century
    • Fighting ISIS: Canada's options
    • From Global to National Security: Emerging Trends and Challenges
    • Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption to Prevent and Detect Fraud and Corrupt Activity in Public Sector Organizations
    • Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting and Financial Controls to Prevent and Detect Fraud and Corrupt Activity in Public Sector Organizations
    • Future Connections: How we will communicate, work & play
    • Geopolitics: Russia, Iran, and North Korea
    • Global Terrorism and Implications for Canada
    • How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going? An Introduction to the Contemporary Middle East
    • Iran: Implications for Canada and the World
    • Readiness and Resilience in the Age of Disruption
    • Russia, Turkey, and the Black Sea Basin
    • Security Outlook: Potential Risks and Threats
    • Someone is Watching & Listening: Lawful Intercept
    • Technology as a Strategic Security Asset
    • Terrorism in Canada: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    • The Rule of Law in Whole of Government Involvement in Fragile States
    • Track Two Diplomacy
    • Understanding the Rapidly Evolving Threat Environment: Building Organizational Resilience
    • Values and Ethics in Security
    • What to do with Returning Foreign Fighters
    • Facing Changes in the Military While Respecting the Rule of Law: Emerging Responses and Legal Issues 
    • How Worried Should Canadians be About Terrorism?
    • Global Terrorism Index 2019 Briefing
    • The Cyber Collaboration Imperative
    • Threat in the Time of Pandemic
    • The Outsider Among us
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