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Canadian and International FlagsForeign affairs and international policy work requires a precise and insightful grasp of evolving interactions between foreign governments, private industry, NGOs and citizens in both a National and International context.  In negotiating dynamic global relationships between foreign nations entities, international relations professionals must consider not only the political and cultural dynamics abroad but also the impact on national policies and the public service function of its own government as they guide program stakeholders and global relationships.

Globally, nations intersect across all sectors. The international relations portfolio and skill set increasingly permeates private and public sector industries making the role of the qualified international relationship professional an essential and fundamental role in governmental and intergovernmental affairs both at home and abroad. 

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Integrative Peacebuilding and Complex Global Challenges program

At the heart of the Integrative Peace Building and Complex Global Challenges (IPB-CGC) program is a sensitivity to both complexity and the well-being of humanity and the biosphere. This entails the development of skills that enable a shift from fragmented approaches to integrative approaches that impact ways of thinking and working together. It acknowledges the value of co-creation of the structures, systems, dynamics, and conditions that are meant to effect change. These shifts are needed to address global challenges such as peace building, climate change, pandemics, diversity issues, mass migration, and natural disasters. The IPB-CGC Program is designed for people already engaged in programs and policies that bring sustaining peace into conflict situations and effect actions to prevent and mitigate far-reaching threats to human and environmental well-being. Based on the premise that integration is more effective than fragmentation, participants will develop the confidence and skills required for trust-building, repairing relationships, critical reflection, cross-cultural communication and dialogue, and integrating multiple parties and points of view.

The IPB-CGC program enables passionate individuals to foster conditions for emergent creativity by attending to the wisdom of grass-roots leaders while drawing on the expertise of researchers and experience of seasoned professionals. 

Participants will appropriate concepts and processes that will allow them to apply a more reflexive, adaptive, and integrative approach directed toward the overall goal of nurturing and building local capacities and institutions—transforming systems and structures to address micro and macro needs in ways that are mutually reinforcing, well-grounded, resilient and sustainable. The participants will also gain an understanding of how to manage complexity, identify emergent creative trends and adjacent possibilities, and apply integral theory, using a comprehensive approach.

The IPB-CGC program skill sets will equip participants to effectively engage multiple stakeholders with diverse points of view and to implement proactive conflict-resolution initiatives.

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Scholarships Available!

Scholarships are now available for students registered to professional development integrative peacebuilding courses. Contact to know more and to apply!

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