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Rule of Law

Tackling National and International Corruption

The Institute works in partnership with industry, public and private organizations, academic institutions and several key anti-corruption organizations, subject matter experts and stakeholders from across Canada and around the world to build a platform that will aggregate and promote the tools, strategies and lessons learned to assist people and organizations to more effectively tackle corruption related issues.

Why is it important?

According to the World Bank, more than $1 trillion is paid in bribes each year, and corruption adds an additional 25% to the cost of procurement contracts in developing countries. Bribery and corruption not only undermine economic development, the rule of law and democratic institutions, but it also threatens the safety and security of those institutions and communities.

  • Bribery and corruption are global problems that require global solutions
  • Training is key to build capacity to tackle anti-bribery / corruption (ABC) issues
  • Anti-bribery / corruption (ABC) compliance –the new competitive business advantage

Upcoming Events 

Facing Changes in the Military While Respecting the Rule of Law

​When:  June 10, 2019
Where: uOttawa, Social Science Building, Room FSS4007, 120 University Private

Facing Changes in the Military While Respecting the Rule of Law is a unique one-day program designed to offer high quality presentations and discussions by leading experts.

Lunch and Learn Series

The Institute will be hosting short learning sessions given by subject matter experts on a variety of topics related to anti-corruption, integrity, compliance and risk management, leading to a better understanding of corruption and bribery and to inform decision-making.

The sessions are free of cost, but registration is required.

A light lunch will be provided.


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