Program Overview

‘Reflect, Influence, Empower, Lead’

The University of Ottawa Comptrollership Leadership Development Program (CLDP) is a certificate-based program developed in close cooperation with the Office of the Comptroller General of Canada and with input from industry aimed at helping emerging leaders build on their skills and experiences to prepare them to take on enhanced leadership responsibilities in a dynamic and complex work environment.

Participants will be challenged by leading experts in their field in a multi-faceted and innovative program that features:

  • self and 360 assessments
  • intensive and interactive short courses
  • action learning circles
  • individual coaching
  • networking
  • practical work assignments
  • keynote speakers
  • board meeting simulation

Enrollment is limited and based on experience, recommendations and sponsorships by your department. Those accepted into the program should expect to invest approximately 25 to 30 days of their time over the course of the session to complete the program. Upon completion of the CDLP program, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Professional Development from the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute.

The Comptrollership Leadership Development Program is focused on enhancing Canada's Public Service leadership skills in:

  • Creating vision and strategy
  • Mobilizing people
  • Collaborating with partners and stakeholders
  • Promoting innovation and guiding change
  • Achieving results


  • Strengthen leadership competencies required to meet deputy ministers’ expectations of senior comptrollership leaders.
  • Develop knowledge and leadership skills that are job-related and immediately applicable to the existing context and enhance the readiness level of the next generation of comptrollership leaders.
  • Build a network of colleagues amongst the comptrollership community for collaborative problem-solving.


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