Program Curriculum

The CIO Institute of Professional Development is not a think tank or a research institute: it focuses on practical decision-making and problem solving skills. It is a place of knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer that supports the development of key leadership skills.

Program vision and content are driven by an Advisory Committee of senior executives (current and retired) from the federal government, university representatives and industry. The Advisory Committee meets regularly to review program offerings, emerging developments, government needs, and program contributors.

The learning program of the Institute provides an environment in which participants can learn from and engage with seasoned experts from:

  • Academia
  • Government
  • Industry

Contemporary topics and issues cover what a CIO needs to know to prepare for managing and serving in an executive leadership role.

View the 2018-19 cohort schedule

Workshops include:

  • The CIO at the Executive Table
  • CIO as Team Builder and Coach
  • Performance Management for the CIO
  • Change Management for the CIO
  • Client Service for the CIO
  • Success and Failure – the CIO Experience
  • Making a Business Case in the CIO world

Who is it for?

The CIO Institute of Professional Development caters to the learning needs of:

  • CIOs in small- to mid-sized government departments and agencies
  • Deputy CIOs
  • Emerging leaders with business acumen and CIO potential
  • Aspiring CIOs in the private sector

Upon completion of the year-long program, participants will be granted a University of Ottawa Certificate of Professional Development, which will serve to recognize newly acquired skills, potential and accomplishment.

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