CIO Institute of Professional Development

The days of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) being just a technology and systems expert are over. Today’s CIO is expected to be an influential strategic leader across the entire organization. Meeting these expectations requires both an organizational and individual commitment.

Government departments and agencies want their CIOs to be ready for C-suite responsibilities. Whether it is moving up from a CS category into the ranks of a CIO, an executive moving into a CIO role, or an existing CIO moving into a larger and more complex organization, the uOttawa CIO Institute certificate of professional development will be a mark of accomplishment and an indication of readiness to offer the strategic thinking
and problem solving skills that are required of a modern CIO.

The University of Ottawa CIO Institute of Professional Development, a certificate-based program developed in close cooperation with current and former CIOs in government and with input from industry, helps emerging CIOs build upon their skills and experiences to prepare them to take on enhanced leadership responsibilities in a dynamic and complex work environment.

Participants will be challenged by leading experts in their field and each other in a multi-faceted and innovative program that features:

  • intensive and interactive short courses
  • action learning
  • networking
  • practical work assignments and 
  • keynote speakers

The winter cohort will begin in 2019. Enrollment will be limited and will be based on experience, recommendations and sponsorships. Those accepted into the program should expect to invest about 10 days of their time over the course of the session to complete the program.

Certificate Program

Upon completion of the program, participants will be granted a University of Ottawa Certificate of Professional Development, which will serve to recognize newly acquired skills, potential and accomplishment.

Leadership Program

"A fundamental role of the CIO and other public service leaders in information management and technology is to harness and also drive change in a manner that better supports the business of serving Canadians. It is a role in transition where technical know-how in areas such as social, mobile and cloud must be increasingly combined with strategic, analytical and collaborative leadership skills to advance an increasingly digital government.

In this context actual and aspiring leaders need to deepen and expand their skills, capabilities and perspectives. The new uOttawa CIO Institute program is in alignment with the government of Canada direction and aspires to bring thought leaders and learners together to enable not only leadership learning but also collaborative innovation in the IT leadership environment."

John Messina, former Government of Canada CIO, Head of the IM-IT Functional Community

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