• What is the CIO Institute?

Our Philosophy

The role of the CIO is changing. It is about trying to bring a different lens to the technology landscape of government—to be more exponential, rather than linear. It’s also about enabling business and engaging with people in a way that is open and digital by default first. Today, it means ensuring government can embrace the technology needed to operate in a digital world. We can be innovative in the public sector with digital and bring government services into the information age in order to take Canada forward.

The CIOs of the future in government have a chance to shape how we do government. It’s in cultivating partnerships and collaboration, such as via the uOttawa CIO Institute program that helps emerging CIOs prepare to take on enhanced leadership responsibilities in our rapidly changing world, that we can grow a civil service of the future that is much more inclusive of new approaches and ways of doing things.

- Alex Benay, Former Chief Information Officer, Government of Canada

Please note that the format for the upcoming cohort will be flexible. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we are working on adapting it to a blended delivery format, which will include online distance learning in the Fall, and in-person workshops as of January 2021.
Should the University of Ottawa not be able to open its campus come January 2021, we will adapt the in-person workshops to a distance learning format.

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