Strategic Communications and Change Program


What Is the Strategic Communications & Change Program?

"What a privilege to be in this groundbreaking course that intersects strategic communications and change management. You have created something magical giving participants a whole new skill set and approach to the way we work allowing us to learn from the best and to take these new skills back to our organizations. I loved every minute of it."

— Phoebe Dey, VP Communications & Marketing, Alberta Cancer Foundation

As our workplace continues to transform around us and we’re faced with navigating the future of work and hybrid models, there has never been a more important time to build muscle in contributing to effective organizational communications, adding value, and finding clarity through disruption and change. The Strategic Communications & Change Program is a live, online certificate granting leadership program focused on the intersection of strategic communications and change management.

"Since completing the Strategic Communications & Change Program, I feel better positioned to provide value and deliver results."

— Catherine Pezarro, University of British Columbia


Now more than ever, communicators are reflecting on the nature of our work, the value we contribute and the impact we are making. As we witness the biggest transformation to the workplace in our lifetime, it’s become apparent that not only are we playing the game differently, but we’re playing an entirely different game – and one without a rule book.

The Strategic Communications and Change Program is the only one of its kind focused on helping raise your game as a strategic contributor by building your fluency in both communications and change leadership. As a cohort participant, you’ll develop your consultative skills and fine-tune your abilities to think strategically. You’ll gain a better understanding of the challenge of change – including navigating the future of work and hybrid models– and how to manage the complexity and disruption that comes with it.

Designed as an online active learning experience, the program provides a dynamic mix of plenary and breakout work, collaborative activities through tools such as Miro and Mentimeter, peer learning and guest speakers. You’ll gain practical knowledge through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, that can be immediately applied to your every day, providing a boost to your confidence and helping to magnify your impact.

The Strategic Communications and Change Program not only builds your capabilities, but also supports and reinforces your newly enhanced skills by giving you access to world-class, innovative resources, tools and best practices. It includes:

  • Exclusive access to the Results Map® System, the world’s most comprehensive proprietary methodology codifying strategic communication and spanning every aspect of the discipline with a focus on change and leadership communications. The System includes a full suite of 10 handbooks and guides, over 100 tools, worksheets and templates (with core tools available in French) and on-demand learning through webinars and videos. Also included is the Results Map® Change Agent’s Toolkit, providing guidance and capacity building tools for equipping practitioners to be effective agents of change and including a step-by-step process for developing a change management plan
  • Extraordinary opportunities for peer and active learning using innovative workbooks and a hands-on final capstone assignment.
  • Access to a variety of industry guest speakers sharing their real-world experience and insights.
  • The Program is led by Caroline Kealey, an internationally-recognized strategic communications and change expert and pioneer in exploring the intersection between the two disciplines.


Before applying it may be necessary to convince your organization of the benefits of participating in the program. This link provides helpful tips for the business case for attending the program. The Business Case for the Strategic Communications & Change Program


What Makes this Program Different?

It recognizes that change has become a core competency

The ability to add value and contribute clarity during times of disruption and change has become one of the most sought after, high-value skills and differentiators in organizations today. The program moves beyond platitudes of outmoded change management models and helps you develop real-world strategies for success in times of change, turbulence and ambiguity, exploring your role as an agent of change and building your abilities as a critical contributor.

It provides an opportunity to share common challenges among your peers

As part of an SCC program cohort, you learn among a carefully selected group of your peers, in a confidential, supportive, and relatable environment.

"Being able to share challenges that I experience in the workplace with people that are experiencing literally the same thing on a daily basis, breaking down the challenges and strategizing solutions together, has helped me tremendously back at my own job."

– Lindsay Amundsen, Canada’s Building Trades Unions

Through real-time plenary exercises, breakouts, guided discussions and online visual collaboration activities, you have the opportunity to share common challenges and experiences, tapping into a community of practitioners in order to access new insights and fresh perspectives.

The program provides you with a safe environment to stretch your thinking, challenge some of your assumptions and step up to new levels of performance bolstered by the insights and shared experience of your peers.

It offers you access to world-class, practical frameworks and methodologies

While most programs in the change management or strategic communications space focus on one methodology, the Strategic Communications & Change Program introduces you to a wide range of processes and frameworks to expand your discovery.

The program offers access to the Results Map®, a proprietary best practice methodology that codifies strategic communications and change. As part of the program’s curriculum, you’ll gain access to the Results Map® System made up of 10 handbooks and guides – including the Results Map® Change Agent’s Toolkit - and over 100 tools, templates and samples (with core tools available in French) for 12 months.

In order to provide a richness of content and a diverse range of tools and methodologies, you will also be introduced to leading-edge frameworks from across the disciplines of communications and change.

You’ll also be connected to a comprehensive online Resource Centre that includes a curated collection of readings, tools, videos and articles – bringing the world’s best in change management and communications thinking to your desktop.


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