Cyber Skills for Canadians

Program Overview 

Cyber Skills for Canadians is a program that was established to help reskill and upskill individuals for employment in the tech industry. Our goal is to provide students with skills that are required to establish a stable career in cyber security where salaries are high, and unemployment is low. The Cyber Skills for Canadians program has 3 academic streams.

  • Secure Software Development
  • Cyber Security Network
  • Cyber Security Architect


For prospective students who wants to learn the latest in the cyber curriculum, the Cyber Skills for Canadians program has the most advanced coursework in the country. Prior to enrollment, individuals submit their information on the Cyber Skills for Canadians website. Upon submission, prospective students will complete an online intake assessment. Afterwards, there is a final interview where one of our counselors will help the student select the best career path in our program.

The total length of time for training, including internship work experience placement is consecutive 8 months. Internship placements are sequenced to provide work experience ahead of writing the related industry certification exams relative to the recently completed component of the program. This training/reskilling is for people who have had workforce experience and is not available as a direct supplement to high school or direct follow-on to other post-secondary education programs.


Soft Skill Enhancements

Students enrolling in the Cyber Skills for Canadians program typically have several years of work experience prior to entering the training or retraining. Soft skills instruction and coaching included in this program is provided through partner organizations focuses on:

  • Building your personal professional brand
  • Understanding organizational culture in the workplace
  • Personal strengths and approach models
  • Resume preparation and customizing application correspondence
  • Portfolio development and presentation
  • Interview skills and video preparation feedback

Learn more by visiting the Cyber Skills for Canadian website at