Our Vision

The University of Ottawa Information Integrity Lab will convene Canadian and international experts, frontline practitioners, academic researchers and analysts from various fields to collaborate on a wide array of initiatives that contribute to the protection of the integrity of the information ecosystem, in support of democratic institutions, enterprises, and private citizens.

Our work will serve to enhance public trust and adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards, respecting applicable privacy laws and guarantees of free speech.


Our Mission

The Information Integrity Lab contributes to a deeper understanding of disinformation and seeks to develop tools and measures that serve to counter the growing phenomenon of information distortion for nefarious purposes by:

  • offering courses and events adapted to various audiences to enhance knowledge around sources, methods, and practices of disinformation activities;
  • assisting organizations in running disinformation vulnerability assessments and developing resiliency plans;
  • performing open-source data analytics to identify trends and tactics, and reporting findings of such analyses;
  • engaging with researchers from various disciplines who can contribute to a better understanding of the complexity of disinformation practices and consequences;
  • working with technical experts and applied researchers to identify state-of-the-art technologies effective in the detection and countering of disinformation;
  • publishing regular reports and assessments useful for decision makers, educators, public and private sector professionals, media, and the general public.