Management from a Woman's Perspective


More and more women are moving into positions of responsibility in public administration and business. Are women demonstrating new kinds of competence and bringing new practices to the workplace in the ways that they lead and make decisions? Given that women now occupy positions at many reporting levels, is it still premature to refer to a ‘woman’s management style’?

In this interactive workshop, we will talk about women’s management styles by looking at several topics from the perspective of human development. These will include good governance, manager self-knowledge, and other management issues. Through personal accounts of women managers, we will examine widespread issues and obstacles, such as the compartmentalization of women in some industries. We may also have the opportunity to discuss the notion of the well-known glass ceiling.



  • Defining management and leadership
  • Understanding various management styles, such as participatory or hierarchical environments
  • Examining interactive and collaborative aspects of management on a human scale
  • Learning how to effectively mobilize a team by listening, questioning employees, and offering feedback



  • Women managers or those aspiring to become managers



12 hours



  • $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Nicole C. Doucet is a consultant, trainer and lobbyist based in Québec. She has over thirty years of experience working with the public, the private and the non-profit sectors on managing teams, public programs and with organizations undergoing change. She has worked as a program officer and an EX 3 in a Crown Corporation and also with a government corporation in Québec as a Director of Programs.  She has been an instructor at the University of Ottawa for the past 9 years. She currently serves on boards of non-profit organizations and does volunteer work for a women centre.


Wonderful class and instructor, given with genuine care for participants and subject matter.   


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