Strategic Communication Planning


This course introduces participants to a proven model for strategic communication planning. The CARE Model focuses the planning on the four elements of strategic communication: the Change the organization wants to bring about; the Audiences with whom it must communicate to succeed; the Resources it can deploy for the campaign; and the external Environment in which the campaign will take place. Participants will learn how to think strategically and plan effectively.

Participants will discover proven planning tools and research approaches and use these to develop an actual strategic communication plan. The instructor will help you make solid, strategic decisions throughout the two-day workshop.


  • Focus your communication effort on the most important changes that need to be brought about
  • Identify the key audiences for the campaign and learn about them so you can customize the plan to better reach and motivate them
  • Assess your communication resources so you can leverage your strengths (i.e., resources you have that are of high quality and in abundance), while you overcome weaknesses (i.e., resources that are lacking in quality or supply)
  • Scan the external environment to identify and capitalize on the changes and trends in the external environment that can make it easier for your campaign to succeed (aka opportunities) while mitigating the threats that will make it harder to succeed
  • Develop a complete strategic communication plan and present it to clients and colleagues clearly and effectively



  • The CARE Model has been used to develop strategic communication plans for clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Mid-level and senior communicators will be able to make the most of the learnings from the workshop



12 hours



  • $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Bernard Gauthier, PhD’s background includes 35 years of communication work with clients, including the Government of Canada, national associations and private sector organizations. He has also trained hundreds of clients in different aspects of communication.

Bernard researched and developed numerous strategic communication plans working with one of Canada’s top PR agencies, allowing him to develop the CARE Model, which became the basis for his 2018 book Strategic Communication in Canada.

Bernard has taught at Carleton University and the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Conestoga College.



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