Securing Your Privacy and Digital Rights Across Borders

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of digital privacy and rights in cross-border activities
  • Acquire essential strategies for safeguarding personal data and digital freedom
  • Empowerment in an interconnected world

Event Overview

The digital landscape knows no borders, and as our interactions become increasingly globalized, the need to protect our personal data and uphold our digital freedoms becomes paramount.

Join us for an insightful briefing on safeguarding your privacy and digital rights during international travel. Discover indispensable strategies for securing your data and preserving your digital freedom while on the move. This event focuses on the challenges individuals encounter and provides essential knowledge to help you navigate privacy concerns while travelling, ensuring a secure and empowered digital presence.

Event Audience

This session will provide value to government officials, individuals, journalists, and activists.


Andrew Amaro

Andrew is an exceptional engineer with a distinguished background as a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Possessing over 20 years of extensive expertise in security and threat intelligence, he boasts an extraordinary professional journey. Having served as a Technical Operations Agent and Senior Manager of the Counterterrorism\Proliferation Technology Group at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Andrew continued to demonstrate exceptional proficiency in his security career at the National Headquarters (NHQ) and the Ottawa Regional office. He played a pivotal role in leading and coordinating technical teams involved in data exploitation, physical access, online anonymity, and digital surveillance operations, all in support of Canadian national security investigations. In 2019, Andrew made a transition to the private sector, where he has established himself as a specialist in various domains including social engineering, dark web navigation, online privacy, risk management, and cyber-attack incident response planning.



 November 9, 2023

 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

 Andrew Amaro



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