The PPX Symposium theme for 2022 is “Planning and Performance for a More Resilient Future.” The global pandemic has had significant impacts on governments, organizations and people around the world. We face the challenge of building a more resilient future. The PPX Symposium is an opportunity for attendees from across Canada and elsewhere- to connect, share knowledge and develop expertise in performance, planning and measurement.



uOttawa Professional Development Institute

The Professional Development Institute (PDI) convenes expertise and learning for working professionals. PDI occupies a unique position in the field of advanced education and applied leadership training. PDI develops and delivers innovative learning for leaders across sectors in both official languages with courses and programs that have provided professional development and executive training for more than a generation.






uOttawa Coop

Unleash the potential! Boasting 40+ years of experience, CO-OP at the University of Ottawa is the 5th largest program in the country and the best source for top bilingual talent. Whether in-person or virtual, in Canada or abroad, approximately 4,000 students are available annually. With its ever-expanding list of programs in 6 faculties from which employers can hire students, uOttawa CO-OP can be an integral part in any-talent acquisition strategy.

CO-OP placements are four months in duration, the students must be paid and are available to work with you full time, throughout the year.

We are always looking for placement opportunities for our students. Please reach out to us and it will be our pleasure to explain the various advantages of hiring CO-OP students. For all questions, please contact [email protected] or visit our website at uOttawa CO-OP.

CO-OP | University of Ottawa (


uOttawa Centre on Governance

The Centre on Governance is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!

The mission of the Centre on Governance is to better understand governance phenomena as well as contemporary administrative and policy problems affecting governmental and non-governmental actors. The Centre comprises some fifty professors, affiliated researchers and students who conduct research on the topics related to the Centre's eight research networks.