Trust Me: Navigating Disinformation in the Digital Age

Today, the credibility of knowledge, facts, and truth is being fiercely challenged. Disinformation and fake news are being used by individuals, organizations, and even state actors to undermine societies, erode public trust, and attack fundamental values such as freedom, equality, and human rights. On May 31, 2023, the Professional Development Institute was pleased to invite participants to explore the complex issue of disinformation and its far-reaching impact. Our team of experts provided valuable insights and research from the Trust Me documentary on timely topics such as media literacy, election interference, and health care disinformation.

The conversation allowed participants to deepen their understanding of this critical issue.

Event speakers included:

  • David L. Cohen, United States Ambassador to Canada
  • Jacques Frémont, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Ottawa
  • Rosemary Smith, Managing Director, Getting Better Foundation, Impact Producer of “Trust Me” award-winning documentary
  • Joe Phelps, Chairman and Founder, Getting Better Foundation
  • Thomas Juneau, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa
  • Carolyn Wilson, Executive Director of the McLuhan Foundation
  • Event moderated by Minister-Counselor for Public Diplomacy Christina Higgins

About the Documentary

Trust Me is a feature-length documentary exploring human nature, information technology, and the need for media literacy to help people trust one another, bring them together and create a more resilient population. Trust Me covers emotional stories, interwoven with science and expert interviews to show us where the world really stands and the right way to consume and share media.