Writing in Plain Language


Writing in plain language does not mean dumbing down a text; it means conveying information in a way that readers can quickly and easily understand it. Much of business and government writing is anything but easy to understand quickly. This course provides participants with multiple opportunities to clarify dense, bureaucratic text and re-write it, so readers understand the text the first time they read it. Time is the most precious commodity for senior management and authors gift readers with time when readers can understand key concepts without reading them multiples times.



  • Key characteristics of plain language
  • Tips for increasing readability
  • Analyzing reader needs
  • Energizing sentences with active voice verbs and dynamic verbs
  • Building parallel construction
  • Reducing wordiness and clutter
  • Avoiding noun strings
  • Emphasizing the positive
  • Using technical terms and acronyms appropriately
  • Editing long, run-on sentences to increase clarity and understanding with shorter, crisper sentences



  • Business, government, or technical professionals who sincerely want to be understood by their audiences
  • Anyone looking to engage readers and communicate easily and clearly
  • Managers looking to offer practical writing advice to their staffs



6 hours



  • $655 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Elva Keip has designed and delivered workshops in the adult education field for over 25 years. She relies on her experience and extensive research, along with her dynamic presence and sense of humour, to provide superb training in a variety of areas, such as facilitation, writing (basic, advanced and web), competencies interviewing, policies and procedures, and briefing notes. A key focus in all her workshops is the effective use of plain language. Elva also offers one-on-one coaching for individuals who prefer a personal approach to their skills development.



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