Writing Well II @ Your Desk


Writing Well II @ Your Desk is an instructor-led and -supported online course.

The course runs for two weeks, and each week you’ll be able to access the core content whenever is most convenient for you. You’ll learn from interactive presentations, quizzes, discussion boards, exercises, and printable support materials. Optionally, you can take part in any of the two live video sessions scheduled during the course. The course is delivered on a robust and secure Moodle platform, and all you need to access it is internet access and an up-to-date browser.

This online course is equivalent to the in-class version of Writing Well II, delivering the same quality content and instructor support. It requires approximately 6 hours per week for three weeks to complete.

A certain mystique surrounds good writers, but essentially writing is a craft like woodwork, and the more you practice, the better you get. This course assumes you have learned the rules for writing grammatically correct sentences. It also assumes you know, in theory at least, what makes them clear and concise. Now you’d like some concentrated practice applying the theory in a variety of contexts as well as some reliable feedback on your writing.

During this course, you will meet a variety of challenges such as writing well-formed paragraphs, modulating tone for different audiences, choosing an effective document structure, and editing your writing to reduce wordiness and improve focus. You will also gain some insight into how you work best so that you can save time and reduce anxiety when you must tackle a writing project.



  • Applying what you already know
  • Developing flexibility to meet different writing challenges
  • Structuring paragraphs
  • Controlling tone
  • Choosing reader-centred document structures
  • Knowing which writing rules you can break and choosing when to break them
  • Managing the writing process from draft to release



  • Anyone who wants to practice concepts learned in Writing Well I or to build on basic writing skills
  • Anyone whose primary requirement is guided writing practice rather than theory
  • Anyone who wants to write good paragraphs and improve document structure
  • Anyone who wants to develop an efficient writing process



12 hours



  • $995 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Melanie Sexton, Ph.D. is a seasoned and diversely experienced writing instructor. Her workshops are informed by her practical experience as a writer and editor in both government and the private sector as well as her thirty plus years of teaching experience. She creates and delivers workshops that emphasize the writing skills people need to thrive in today’s fast-paced workplace. She offers workshops both in person and remotely in her signature “@ Your Desk” format.

She is a passionate advocate for abolishing bureaucratic, misleading, and empty writing and believes that good writing makes a difference in the world.



Event CodeTitleBegin DateEnd DateTermDelivery Method
P02102503AWriting Well II @ Your Desk3/10/20253/21/2025WinterHybrid (synchronous and asynchronous)Register