Team Writing – One Document, Many Authors


The workplace often requires employees to collaboratively produce documents. While the expected length of the document and the number of participants in the writing project can give us an idea of the scope of the challenge ahead, the complexity of “writing by committee” is not exclusively determined by these two factors.

The document may need to go through many rounds of stakeholder consultations, comments integration, partial re-writing, translation, decision recording, approvals, editing, Web versions, etc. And most importantly, one must not lose control of all the different versions of the document!

This two-day workshop, intended for writers who collaborate with multiple authors and those who consult with stakeholders (internally or externally), will provide you with the necessary tools to carry out your writing project effectively.



  • Planning the team writing project
  • Useful tools for the writing team
  • Creating a document, from drafting to production
  • Version control, with or without an information management system
  • Retrieving a lost version (easily)
  • Managing documents, with or without an information management system



  • Any person who writes or supervises a team of employees who have to write documents that are subject to consultation (internally or externally) or that require the participation of several authors.
  • Any person who manages projects that include the drafting of documents by multiple authors
  • Any person who works in the publications unit of an organization



12 hours



  • $995 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Caroline Gravel, M.Sc., M.A., is a professional writer and publications manager with more than 17 years’ experience acquired in Canada and abroad. As a publications manager, she has led a variety of large projects ranging from complete website overhauls to writing technical guidance in support of government regulations.  She facilitates writing workshops at the Professional Development Institute, and has taught Business writing, Technical writing and Writing for the Web at the University of Ottawa’s Département de français.



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