Antidote in English: Getting the Most Out of It


Antidote in English: Getting the Most Out of It Much more than a spell checker, Antidote is a fully integrated language suite that contains multiple dictionaries and linguistic guides, as well as a spell-, grammar-, and punctuation checker. Now, it even offers translations for words and expressions. And there’s more!

In this workshop, you will learn how to fully use the English version of Antidote, which was eagerly awaited, when it was launched in 2015. You will explore its writing and correction features, which not only correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typography, but also examine style and tone. You will discover the riches that abound in its dictionaries: combinations, synonyms, definitions, expressions, idioms, proverbs, difficulties, phonetics and much more. You will also take a look at the wealth of information contained in its ten guides, that cover style, business writing, lexicon, grammar, etc. And you will learn to create personal dictionaries, to roam the semantic field of words and to use Antidote as a learning tool.

Hands-on computer-based activities will give you the opportunity to get familiar with the most useful features of Antidote. Come and learn to fully exploit this language suite, and bring along a 500-word text to work on. You will finally understand what makes Antidote such a useful tool.

This workshop is based on Antidote 10, but it is also useful if you own a previous version.

One-day workshop



  • Getting familiar with the guides and dictionaries
  • Navigating from one tool to the next
  • Creating personal dictionaries
  • Understanding the inner workings of Antidote
  • Customizing the settings
  • Using the corrector Learning some useful tricks



  • Anyone who wishes to fully exploit the riches of Antidote in its English version–whether it be for writing, editing, revising or translating–, to improve their use of it or to discover what Antidote 10 has to offer.


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$595 (plus tax)

Featured Instructor

Louise Saint-André, MEd, MA, runs an editing company in Ottawa. Over the years, thanks to her diverse and loyal clients, she has gained a range of experience. Whether her clients are ministries, private businesses or small non-profit organizations, they can rely on her corrections and the clarity of her written language. A dynamic communicator, she has been leading training workshops for more than ten years.