A government department’s or agency’s ability to implement public policy solutions to problems is related to its internal capacity to analyze problems and develop workable policies. Through a combination of theory, discussions and practical tasks, participants review and practice key elements of the policy development cycle. This course examines how to identify current and emerging issues, gather relevant information, analyze it critically, identify potential policy solutions, and formulate advice and recommendations. Participants also discuss implementation and evaluation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the context in which public policy development occurs
  • Explain the most common model of public policy development
  • Identify policy development influences
  • Implement elements of the policy development cycle
  • Determine appropriate stakeholder consultation
  • Identify common obstacles to public policy development and possible actions to respond effectively


12 hours


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Elva Keip has designed and delivered courses in the adult education field for over 25 years. She relies on her experience and extensive research, along with her dynamic presence and sense of humour, to provide superb training in a variety of areas, such as facilitation, writing (basic, advanced and web), competencies interviewing, policies and procedures, and briefing notes. A key focus in all her courses is the effective use of plain language. Elva also offers one-on-one coaching for individuals who prefer a personal approach to their skills development.