Design Thinking - Feel, Think, Imagine, Build, Test


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

In this course you will develop an understanding of Design Thinking and experience how it is distinct from other methodologies. You will explore when Design Thinking can be used and how to apply it in your workplace. Design Thinking rests on a simple premise, alternatives, and ideally improvements, are possible. Informed by Human Centred Design, Design Thinking tests assumptions and creates space for innovation while addressing opportunities (challenges) with solutions that are desirable, feasible and viable.

Design Thinking engages the creativity of your team members and stakeholders while producing innovative solutions through brainstorming and rapid prototyping cycles that are informed by user feedback. We will examine the features of Design Thinking, when it can be used and the role it can play in creating or supporting cultures of engagement, learning and innovation. You will practice Design Thinking in the classroom and in the field and then make a plan to integrate Design Thinking into your workplace.

This course will be very interactive and include the application of Design Thinking. Please be prepared to go outside. We will leave the classroom and the building in order to apply some of the Design Thinking techniques covered. If you require any mobility accommodations please inform the Institute as soon as possible.



  • Understand the different stages of the Design Thinking process
  • Explore the benefits of Design Thinking
  • Practice and receive feedback on the application of Design Thinking
  • Plan to implement Design Thinking in your workplace and identify potential obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them



  • This course is targeted towards individuals or teams who intended to introduce or lead Design Thinking projects within their workplace. This is ideally an individual or group that holds a leadership role (managers, team leaders, supervisors, internal facilitator consultants) and has the capacity to facilitate groups.



12 hours



  • $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

David Elliott is an experienced Design Thinking facilitator, instructional designer and workshop facilitator. Using participatory methods, from several disciplines, David helps groups to reflect, share, co-create, experiment and innovate to seize opportunities. Since completing his master’s degree in 1999, David has worked and volunteered in Canada, Italy and Vietnam, collaborating with organizations like the United Nations, United Way, ORBIS, the Canadian higher education sector and the Government of Canada.



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P00542411ADesign Thinking - Feel, Think, Imagine, Build, Test11/28/202411/29/2024AutumnIn PersonRegister
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