Essentials of French Grammar


The language of instruction is French

The focus of this workshop is on functional language usage. A dynamic, communicative approach is used with an emphasis on realistic and meaningful work-related situations. The language of instruction is French.

The program French Writing Skills for Anglophones provides excellent preparation for those wishing to take the Federal Government's B or C French language proficiency tests.


  • Parts of speech and syntactic functions
  • Common lexical and grammatical errors to avoid
  • Agreement of verbs and adjectives
  • Agreement of past participles without and with an auxiliary verb
  • Word endings (e.g. é, ée, és, ées - er - ez)
  • Homophones (e.g. quand/quant/qu’en; leur/leurs; quelque/quel que; tout/tous)
  • Use of object and adverbial pronouns (e.g. Je leur en ai parlé, il les y a encouragés)
  • Valuable writing tools (print and electronic)



  • Those who need to review essential grammatical structures and vocabulary before moving on to the next level (Fundamentals of French Writing Skills).



18 hours


  • $1425 (plus tax)

Featured Instructor

Catherine Mareschal, Ph.D., has solid experience teaching French writing skills to Francophones and Anglophones at colleges, universities, and government institutions. She delivers training for the program French Writing Skills for Anglophones, as well as for the workshops Français au travail I & II and Le mot juste for Francophones. A translator by training, Catherine provides translation and revision services to various health care and educational research institutions.

This workshop was challenging in the best way possible. It is an excellent next step for those wishing to improve their French language writing skills. The instructor was incredible - helpful, well-organized, and incredibly knowledgeable. She conveyed the subject matter in a way that was engaging, enlightening and accessible.


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