Producing Results Without Authority



12 PDUs

Project members, particularly project managers, are measured by their ability to accomplish goals. Those goals are met, more often than not, by reasoning, persuading and inspiring others to share a vision and pursue a common purpose.

This two-day workshop delivers the knowledge necessary for influencing others and building trust in give-and-take relationships up, across and down the organizational pyramid and beyond. Our focus will be on the Three Spheres and Nine Types of Influence available to consider to assist in effectively producing results through others even when you are not someone’s boss. We will take stock of some preferred strategies and add others to your toolbox. You will be able to identify gaps in your network and set out to build strong and productive relationships with an emphasis on organizational objectives and being someone others will follow.  You will assess your ability to gain and maintain trust from those you work with.

No prerequisites

This course can provide up to 12 PDUs / contact hours towards attaining or maintaining the Project Management Professional (PMP)® designation. Participants must submit the request to PMI via the Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS).

Professional Development Units are allocated according to the number of training hours completed by the student and may be granted by increments of 0.25 PDU for each 15 minutes of training. A participation certificate will be given to students who attend a minimum of 75% of the course.


PMP Certification = Earning Power

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification brings its holders 20% more in salary than uncertified practitioners.



  • Review your quotient in 9 Types of Influence
  • Explore influence options: when to use them and when to avoid them
  • Take stock of your network through CAPI (Coalesced Authority, Power, Influence)
  • Look at personality through the DISC Model
  • Understand organizational intelligence (EQ), including the mapping skills needed to assemble winning coalitions
  • Learn to handle organizational politics without going over to the “dark side”
  • Verify your personal branding through trust and communication skills
  • Use credibility as a quality that includes expertise, position, sincerity, and trustworthiness
  • Apply relationship building including sustaining and repairing one as required
  • Understand communication and relationship needs of others
  • Facilitate cooperation and empowerment
  • Discuss the differences between persuading, bargaining, and negotiating
  • Getting and keeping commitment
  • Discuss the use of pressure
  • Look at the impact of dealing with others when they use “tactics” on us



  • Those who are not someone’s boss yet need others to do their part so that the project results will be achieved Project leaders who want commitment to projects rather than mere compliance



12 hours



  • $995 (plus tax)
  • Courses offered in 2023: $1,095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Jeffry Morgan, M.Ed., has spent the last 3 decades running the third largest cultural touring agency world wide and has done business in more than one-third of the world. Jeffry’s keen sense of observation and formal background in teaching make him particularly gifted at expressing leadership and management principles through examples and language that all of us can relate to. He has authored a compendium of management and leadership techniques as well as numerous articles.



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