Winning Government Job Competitions


Getting into government or promoted within it is not easy, but the ability to succeed in competitions is a skill that can be learned and mastered. This course is a combined job-application and career strategy boot-camp that demystifies the government competition process and career ladder.

Delivering an insider’s perspective from experienced civil servants who have run competitions, the workshop will give you the practical skills to succeed in each stage of the competition process. You will learn how to read and interpret a statement of merit criteria to develop your experiences and identify jobs worth applying to, so that you can then draft cover letters (or screening question answers) that work.

You will learn how to prepare for exams and answer interview questions effectively. Strategies for managing your references, avoiding common interview pitfalls and countering interview-panel biases will be shared.

Get strategic advice for your next promotion or your first government job and walk away with the tools to develop an individual career road-map that suits your current and future goals.

Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of a government job posting that outlines the full statement of merit criteria for a government job that interests them.



  • Determining which competitions are worth applying to and when lateral moves are better options
  • Getting screened-in, preparing for exams, predicting interview questions and coaching your references
  • Interview preparation, answer structuring, stress-management and self-troubleshooting
  • Learning who in the federal public service gets promoted and why
  • Developing your “experience inventory” so you keep getting screened-in and promoted



  • All public servants (including aspiring executives) interested in career advancement
  • Private sector and non-profit employees, and graduating students interested in entering the public



6 hours


  • $655 (plus tax)

Featured Instructor

Andrés J. Drew (B.A., B.C.L., LL.B., M.Sc.) is a bilingual lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience at the intersection of law, policy, regulation and economics, he has a track record of achieving legislative and regulatory reform by synthesizing and communicating complex issues, negotiating with stakeholders, briefing senior officials and navigating government processes. Andrés has also run (or participated in the boards of) multiple government hiring processes. His unique ability to engage audiences provides a rich environment for classroom discussion and learning.


I feel more prepared for future job competitions. The STAR method and TBS guidelines were very useful as I didn't consider using either of them before the course.  


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