Overcoming Stressful Situations


The stresses of the workplace are greater than ever. Technology not only makes our work environment more complex and faster, it also makes us accessible at all times. In this “always on” state, we are expected to do more with less and do it faster than ever. A busy professional trying hard to keep up with such demands - often in the company of tired and unmotivated colleagues - is at high risk for a destructive dose of stress.

This practical workshop, offered in a neutral and respectful setting, provides you with new techniques for handling stress and replenishing depleted vitality. By learning to manage your personal energy, you will be better equipped to cope with stress, take charge of your emotions, and manage difficult relationships and situations. The workshop provides you with all the tools you need to nurture your own personal well-being in the workplace.



  • Identifying the external and internal sources of stress
  • Recognizing the six phases of burn-out
  • Re-establishing physical and emotional equilibrium
  • Channeling the power and energy of words
  • Warding off stress and negative energy around you
  • Shaking off the burdens and stresses of the day
  • Mastering techniques for harnessing new energy



  • Managers, supervisors and other professionals facing heightened demands or evolving priorities
  • People who feel that stress is wearing down their physical or emotional resistance
  • People hoping to acquire new ways of controlling stress and managing their physical and emotional states



12 hours


  • $1095 (plus tax) 

Featured Instructor

Linda Côté is a naturopath specializing in the management of stress and other factors that can lead to professional burn-out. She helps people find the energy they need to live an active and balanced life. Having worked 25 years with the Public Service as an economist, she understands the challenges that employees face in large organizations. She delivers conferences and workshops featuring practical and effective tools and strategies for better managing stress and ensuring job satisfaction.



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P01432310AOvercoming Stressful Situations10/23/202310/24/2023AutumnIn PersonRegister
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