Networking: a task or a skill?


Networking is not an easy journey for many people. Nonetheless, networking is a necessity in today’s hyperconnected world. Connection not competence is changing the world! The connection revolution rewards those who build bridges between people.

Research confirms that an open network is the biggest predictor of career success, leading to more job and business opportunities. Too often we favor a closed network – it’s human nature to seek out those who are familiar and similar to us, both demographically and culturally. However, a closed network limits our capacity to learn and grow. Investing in the development of an efficient and effective network creates a robust trampoline for navigating successful personal and professional change.



  • Self-assessment: Networking: how good are you?
  • Exploring the myths of networking and how they impede professional success.
  • Investigating the tactics behind creating and leveraging an effective personal and professional network.
  • Group analysis of a popular case study outlining the steps taken to build and cultivate a network that is both broad and deep.



  • Employees at all organizational levels who are focused on increasing their influence, securing career success and effectively building their professional landscape.


6 hours


  • $655 (plus tax)

Featured Instructor

Dr. Wendy E. O’Connor is a social psychologist, with an expertise in organizational politics. She founded Executive Spin Inc. in 2002.  Dr. O'Connor is noted for bringing both academic and practical work/life experience to her clients approaches. She is certified on a number of psychometrically robust leadership assessment tools including: HOGAN Assessment (HPI;HDS;MVPI); Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ); Work Personality Index (WP); Leadership Skills Profile (LSP);Jackson Personality Profile (JPI); Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment-Workplace (MEIA- W);360 Evaluations the HOGAN.  Clients have expressed their appreciation for her ability to accurately understand their world, fostering an atmosphere of respect, credibility, and trust.

Aside from executive assessment and leadership coaching, Dr. O’Connor’s strong analytical skills are evidenced in her successful national change strategies. A critical ingredient is her distinctive ability to operationalize and implement a vision. The vision then acts as a catalyst for change, promoting focus, clarity of action, and a blueprint for successful change.



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