Healthy Boundaries: Becoming Present to What Serves Your Best Self


Many times we say 'yes' to things we don't actually want to and 'no' to things in a way that doesn't really represent who we want to be (think, angry you!). People from every position in organizations often experience this challenge. A challenge that causes inner turmoil and disconnect in our work and personal relationships. The course changes all that. Participants dig into a deep understanding of their beliefs around boundaries and how those beliefs show up in work and life. We unpack why the current popular approach to setting boundaries often feels awkward and unfulfilling for people on both sides of the boundary setting experience.

This course introduces an entirely new and transformative 6 step model for using healthy boundaries to foster deep connection within yourself and with others. Get practical guidance on how to start using this simple model right away during the workshop! Participants leave the workshop with a new way to frame and use boundaries, practical tips for getting started and a positive mindset to begin using boundaries to transform your professional and personal relationships. 



  • Clarity on what fuels your current approach to using boundaries
  • Understanding how boundaries are used to say ‘no’ vs. build healthy connections
  • The importance of your body in boundary setting
  • A simple practice to understand the space your mind needs to be present
  • A new model to inspire confident boundary setting
  • The six practices you can cultivate to use boundaries to serve your best self
  • Practical tips and coaching on how to start using this model at work



  • Leaders at all organizational levels who want to experience deeper and easier connections with others and manage performance in a more empowering way for individuals and teams.



6 hours


  • $655 (plus tax)

Featured Instructor

Christina (Tina) Turner has spent more than 20 years working in the fields of technology, process, and strategic learning, building and delivering programs for corporations and professional associations, and globalizing learning content introduced in China, the Middle East and Europe. She’s been a program advisor to dozens of large professional associations and public agencies throughout the US and Canada. From 2008 to 2015 she helped to build a tech start up based on a learning platform developed specifically for professional organizations. In 2015 this company and their technology, Crowd Wisdom, was sold to a private equity firm. For the next three years Tina signed on to help the PE grow their business, acquire more related technologies and form a new, significantly larger organization. In 2015 Tina also moved to a 25 acre farm in the Ottawa Valley to live with a herd of horses and offer equine experiential learning to people wanting to learn to live from a deeper inner presence. Tina holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce, from Carleton University, a unique Masters of Arts degree in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute, is a certified executive coach, and also certified in equine experiential learning



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