Assertiveness Skills


Assertiveness is the capacity to express your thoughts and needs in an open and honest way. Some people may find this challenging due to a natural shyness or easy-going style, but with practice, they will achieve the desired results.

This hands-on workshop, carried out in a risk-free environment, provides tools and techniques to help differentiate assertive behaviour from aggressive and passive behaviours, and transform the latter into assertiveness. Participants will learn the difference between self confidence and self esteem, two concepts at the core of assertiveness. The workshop will also provide ways to become more assertive in various situations, including how to enter an ongoing discussion or conversation, and explore techniques to better structure messages whether they are positive or negative. Through case studies, the participants will have the opportunity to apply what they've learned. After attending this workshop, participants will display more assertive behaviour and renewed self-confidence, which will lead to enhanced relationships in both the workplace and their personal lives.



  • Identifying the fundamentals of assertive behaviour
  • Distinguishing assertiveness from aggressive and passive behaviours
  • Identifying the underlying reasons for unassertive behaviours
  • Exploring ways to improve self-confidence
  • Developing strategies to 'speak up' in groups
  • Structuring and delivering assertive messages
  • Learning to say “no” when appropriate



  • Individuals wishing to master the principles of effective, assertive communication



6 hours



  • $655 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Linda Côté is a naturopath specializing in the management of stress and other factors that can lead to professional burn-out. She helps people find the energy they need to live an active and balanced life. Having worked 25 years with the Public Service as an economist, she understands the challenges that employees face in large organizations. She delivers conferences and workshops featuring practical and effective tools and strategies for better managing stress and ensuring job satisfaction.


It was good for understanding our behaviour and giving us tools to bring back to our workplace.   


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