Strategic Dynamics and Issues in the Middle East


This course will offer a deep dive into understanding the Middle East, beyond superficial analysis of breaking events and dry academic theorizing. It will cover the main characteristics and dynamics of this region and its component states; its place in global affairs and international security; and the security challenges, both to its states, and emanating from the region to the international system. We will analyze the social, economic, demographic , energy and security dynamics of the region; the policies, interests, governing systems and politics, and national security infrastructure of its key states; the balance of power between them; the interests and influence of external actors (especially the US, Russia and China); and scenarios for future developments.



  • Development /improvement of capabilities for critical thinking, in-depth critical analysis of complex ("wicked") international issues, including future-oriented scenario analysis.
  • Understanding of the underlying dynamics and sources of conflict and crisis in the MENA region, and the impact on it of global trends.
  • Fundamental knowledge about the politics, interests, decision-making systems and socio-economic dynamics of the players in MENA, and the complex interplays between them.
  • Comprehension of the effects of these conflicts on the international arena and Western security.



  • Officials and subject matter experts from government, NGOs and relevant private sector bodies, as well as graduate students, who are not experts on the Middle East but who require/ seek an in-depth understanding of Middle East issues and of the deep trends driving events in MENA.



12 hours



  • $995 (plus tax)
  • As of January 2023: $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Dr. Joshua Krasna is a senior researcher, writer and university lecturer. He retired in 2017 after 30 years of government service in Israel, including as a strategic planner, senior Middle East and strategic analyst, manager of government analytical teams, and diplomat. He was assigned  as counselor at the Israeli embassy in Ottawa, followed by being appointed an instructor and team leader at the Israel National Defence College. Dr. Krasna is now a Fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the New York University Center for Global Affairs.



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