Relating and Responding to Mental Health: Manager's Edition


In today's society, we are beginning to recognize the importance of talking openly about mental health in an effort to reduce stigma and mitigate costs associated with staff turnover and burnout. The question for many managers, leaders and employers then becomes how to talk about mental health in way that promotes connection in a safe and productive way.

This course provides participants with practical skills they can use to prioritize wellness in the workplace, recognize warning signs of mental illness, open safe and productive conversations surrounding difficult topics, manage difficult behaviours with positive performance management skills and navigate challenging conversations by setting limits and boundaries.



  • To allow participants a safe space to speak openly about mental health in the workplace.
  • To help participants to identify basic signs of the most common mental health disorders in others and provide them with the active communication skills needed to respond non-judgementally and with empathy in order to break down stigma and shame.
  • To educate employers on their legal responsibilities according to the Ontario Health and Safety Act when it comes to the psychology safety of their staff.
  • To empower participants with the skills needed to have challenging conversations and set personal boundaries.
  • To expand the knowledge of community resources available to participants and those they manage.



  • Anyone who manages a team and has an interest in: supporting staff’s mental health in the workplace, prioritizing wellness, deepening daily connections both with staff in the office and remotely, decreasing employee burnout and turnover and expanding their knowledge of available community resources.



6 hours



  • $655 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Breanna Pizzuto is the Lead Trainer and Consultant of Talk Tools Training. With degrees from the University of Ottawa in Health Sciences and Psychology, Breanna has varied experience in the healthcare and social services fields, including managing and training volunteers at both the Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region and Ottawa Victim Services on a variety of topics.

Breanna is a Bronze Level Master Trainer of LivingWorks’ Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and a facilitator of LifeLine Workshops’ program Assessing for Suicide in Kids (ASK).



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