Finance and Budget Management for Non-Financial Managers


Every manager has financial responsibilities. This includes budgeting, costing, forecasting and understanding financial reports from outside entities such as stakeholders, suppliers or partners.

In this course, managers will explore how to align budgets with an operational or strategic plan.  Managers will gain insights on how budget analysis reveals opportunities and pressures, including the telltale warning signs when budgets may be off track and how variances can be managed.

Most managers also manage capital budgets.  We will use case studies to gain insight into measuring long term costs and benefits and the time value of money. We will also cover forecasting and links to key performance indicators for both capital and operating budgets.

Many managers are also expected to understand unit costing or activity-based accounting.  For example, what should be a standard or expected cost to process an application for a government program?   We will explore how unit costs can be established, monitored and managed.



  • Developing operating and capital budgets
  • Financial forecasting
  • Managing variances and contingencies in capital and operating budgets
  • Costing analysis, including activity-based-costing
  • Using financial tools to evaluate capital investment opportunities
  • Employ sensitivity, break-even, and scenario analyses to improve decision-making



  • This workshop is designed for public and private sector managers at all levels with limited financial experience who are responsible for managing a budget (capital or operating) or need to make decisions based in part on financial data.



12 hours



  • $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Dr. Samir Saadi is a Professor and Ian Telfer Fellow in Behavioural Finance at the University of Ottawa. Before his current appointment, he was a Visiting Scholar at leading institutions such as New York University. He has published more than 50 articles in academic and professional journals. His research interests include behavioral finance, corporate finance, and Fintech. He serves as a consultant for organizations in the government and private sectors. He is involved in CFA training programs in Europe and North Africa. He has been interviewed numerous times in live radio programs and newspapers and served as an expert witness before the Senate of Canada. He holds a PhD in finance from Queen's University.