Leadership Reset: Accessing Your Inner Leader


Leadership authenticity is critical to effective leadership. This experiential two-day foundational course will enable participants to look inside to better understand what effective leadership means to them through a valued-based framework that will result in heightened self-awareness through a five-aspect lens of "being" that includes self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal skills, decision-making and stress management. This leadership reset will by extension, position participants to approach the complexities inherent in today’s workplaces more thoughtfully and purposefully.



At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Tap into the person beneath the leader to better understand ones’ inner leadership style;
  • Explore ones’ personalized leadership style to identify where there is congruity vs. dissonance in relation to five key leadership aspects;
  • Identify what causes dissonance (e.g., the role of stress) from a leadership perspective;
  • Reflect upon the interface between ones’ inner leadership style and key existing leadership challenges; and
  • Initiate a leadership development action plan focused on addressing key leadership challenges.



  • Individuals in leadership roles (e.g., executives, managers, team leaders)



12 hours



  • $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Carole Norton, M.A., PCC, CPCC, is a leadership and organizational development coach with over two decades of public sector leadership experience. Carole’s curiosity in relation to high performance and organizational culture led her to obtain coaching certifications with the Co-active Coaching Institute and the International Coach Federation (ICF). Carole is certified with various psychometric tools (e.g., EQi2.0, Lumina Leader). Carole is a leadership coach with a focus on leadership authenticity and effectiveness. Carole is also bilingual.

Marc Sougavinski. M.A. Psychology and DESSS (specialized management) in social services, with more than 25 years of CEO/senior executive, health sector, leadership experience in Quebec and Ontario, along with significant experience working with Boards. Marc’s main expertise focuses on coaching individuals to be authentic in their leadership, developing vision and creativity, balancing people and task-oriented skills, all the while leading within complex environments. Marc is a graduate of the Co-active Coaching Institute, and he is certified with EQi2.0. He is also a professor at Telfer Institute of Management. Marc is also bilingual.



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