Power BI for Beginners


Organizations have, and continue to accumulate, masses of data from multiple sources. This data, being largely unformatted, does not yield readily pertinent information. Microsoft tackled this issue by adding data analytics tools to their Microsoft Office 365 suite. Power BI enables users to aggregate and interpret data in a user-friendly environment. With this data visualization tool, analysts build custom data analysis and dashboards with scheduled automated updates: empowering managers’ decision making with accurate and intuitive real-time measures.

This fast-paced introductory course to Microsoft’s Power BI application covers key concepts for delivering effective automated dashboards. This is a hands-on training session: participants learn Power BI’s functionalities as they build an interactive report. Best practices for data visualizations and dashboards are described and applied through examples.



  • Understand the Power BI Solution workflow to properly use the different apps
  • Build an interactive report in Power BI Desktop app
  • Combine multiple data sources and create dynamic data visualizations
  • Use storytelling tools: bookmarks, spotlight, focus, tooltip, axis hierarchy
  • Explore advanced functionalities to transform and enhance data with Power Query Editor and measures in DAX



  • Analysts, accountants, report builders
  • Managers seeking to optimize their reports’ update process



6 hours


  • $655 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Patrick Boily is a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Ottawa and a founding member of the Data Action Lab. Since 1999, he has taught more than 50 courses at universities in the Ottawa area and conducted more than 200 days of workshops for federal government employees on data science, data visualization and statistical analysis. His interests include the use of mathematics and statistics for decision support, and he has managed and participated in over 35 consulting projects throughout his career.



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P01512401APower BI for Beginners1/11/20241/12/2024WinterOnlineRegister
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P01512403APower BI for Beginners3/22/20243/22/2024WinterIn PersonFull
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