Knowledge Management – Advanced Practices


Knowledge management (KM) is of growing importance to the success of organizations.  Clearly defined systems and agile management of data, information, and knowledge assets can help drive better decision making in the organization, and also catalyze innovation of new products and services.

Building on a solid foundation of core concepts, in this course you will explore complex system drivers that support or impede successful knowledge management initiatives. You will learn about the linkage between KM and business decision making, and the importance of KM in the adaptive enterprise. The objective of this course is to advance an understanding of KM strategy by emphasizing key success factors (KSFs) related to governance, leadership, and culture; and to highlight key trends in technologies that are revolutionalizing the practice of KM in organizations.



  • Organizational Learning & Organizational Memory
  • Organizational Culture for Knowledge Sharing & Learning
  • Key Success Factors for KM Systems & KM Programs
  • KM Value Assessment Frameworks
  • KM Leadership Roles & Responsibilities
  • Knowledge-based Decision Support Systems
  • Advanced Technologies for KM
  • KM in Practice Case Studies



  • Policy analysts, program managers, research specialists, systems-support personnel, and mid-level executives responsible for organizing the systems that create knowledge products within complex organizations. It is recommended that participants take Knowledge Management – An Introduction or demonstrate significant prior experience in knowledge management practice. A conversation with the Instructor may be required.



12 hours


  • $1095 (plus tax)

Featured Instructor

Jasmin Manseau, MBA, B.Eng is a Long Term Appointed Part-Time Professor at the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa, where he teaches strategy, entrepreneurship, knowledge management, and information systems at the undergraduate and graduate level. He is also a course lecturer in information technologies, innovation, and entrepreneurship at the Université du Québec en Outaouais and the Royal Military College in Kingston.

Before joining the University of Ottawa, he worked as a Petroleum Field Engineer for Schlumberger in Western Canada and as a Management Consultant for Deloitte. He co-founded a software development firm that offers enterprise-wide software solutions such as knowledge management systems for public and private sector organizations. He is a seasoned professional in information technologies that focuses on harnessing value for organizations by leveraging digital technologies to facilitate knowledge capture and dissemination in organizations.

He earned an MBA at the University of Ottawa and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at McGill University. He is pursuing a doctoral degree in digital technologies at Queen’s University. His research areas include the strategic and entrepreneurial uses of artificial intelligence in organizations.