Selling Ideas Successfully


The saying goes that “you can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t sell them, they won’t go anywhere”. Whether your idea is a new public policy for government or product for the marketplace, idea selling is an essential professional skill.

When you master the art of selling ideas successfully you enhance your power, influence, and leadership. You use step-by-step strategic moves that bring your ideas closer to your audience and their needs. You don’t need a fancy title to sell ideas, and when you do, you will feel empowered, fulfilled, and energized.

This course provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and opportunity to practice deploying strategies and tactics that advance their ideas through organizations and to key audiences.


Learning Outcomes

  • Lead and influence without authority
  • Frame ideas to connect with audiences
  • Adapt your persuasion style
  • Use persuasion principles for key decision-makers
  • Enhance personal power and branding within organizations
  • Leverage networks to get influential players on your side
  • Deploy tactics to overcome adversity
  • Use strategic communication techniques to make the pitch
  • Determine how ideas stick and how to overcome organizational inertia



  • Professionals from all levels of the public and private sectors that want to increase their power, influence, and ability to sell ideas strategically and persuasively in organizations and to key audiences.



6 hours



  • $655 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Andrés J. Drew (B.A., B.C.L., LL.B., M.Sc.) is a bilingual lawyer with over 15 years of experience in both the private sector and government. He specializes in the intersection of law, policy, regulation, and economics and has a proven track record of communicating complex issues, negotiating with stakeholders, successfully selling ideas in large organizations, and navigating hiring processes. Andrés also teaches at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law and School of Political Studies. His unique ability to facilitate, coach, and engage audiences creates a dynamic learning environment for participants.



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P01792402ASelling Ideas Successfully2/26/20242/27/2024WinterOnlineRegister
P01792406BSelling Ideas Successfully6/10/20246/11/2024SummerOnlineRegister