Effective Interpersonal Communication


Interpersonal communication forms the basis for the success of our professional relationships with our supervisors, colleagues, teammates and other stakeholders. Yet, do we always know what our own communication style is and how it affects these relationships? Have we not experienced a situation where our words or gestures were misinterpreted? Effective communication is about mastering the fundamental dynamics of verbal and non-verbal communication and the skill of listening; it is about bridging differences in the perception of the message. This course will help you focus on skills and strategies to maximize your natural abilities to communicate effectively with peers, managers, partners, clients and thus, strengthen your professional image and the quality of your professional life.

This course does not deal with communication and complex or difficult behaviours. If you are looking for training on this subject, we recommend the course Dealing with Difficult Behaviours.

This course requires active participation by everyone.



  • What interpersonal communication entails: its basic principles
  • The communication process: analyzing the opportunities and pitfalls of interpersonal interactions
  • A self-diagnosis for determining personal communication styles and competencies
  • Active listening: barriers, skills and in-class practice
  • Modes of expression: communicating from a common position
  • Proven techniques, including the art of saying ‘no’ and providing effective feedback in all situations
  • Plan for a persuasive communication Managing criticism



  • Those who believe that interpersonal communication is vital to their professional success



12 hours



  • $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Linda Côté is a naturopath specializing in the management of stress and other factors that can lead to professional burn-out. She helps people find the energy they need to live an active and balanced life. Having worked 25 years with the Public Service as an economist, she understands the challenges that employees face in large organizations. She delivers conferences and courses featuring practical and effective tools and strategies for better managing stress and ensuring job satisfaction.



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