Adaptive Leadership Through Integral Awareness


Our world faces many problems and complexities including peacebuilding, climate change, sustainable resource management and social-cultural unrest. Today’s leader must adapt to these by integrating a holistic integral approach, which accounts for both external factors (empirical data, systems analysis) and internal factors (individual, collective and cultural).

This course accelerates your journey towards integral awareness as it enhances your adaptive leadership capacity and promotes powerful change in your personal and professional lives. This is a practice- oriented course in which participants learn the principles of designing and applying integrally informed problem-solving interventions, policies, and programs.

Combining mini-lectures and videos, suggested readings, and participatory group exercises, we dialogue and support each other's emergence of integral awareness and apply it to a professional case-study situation.




  • Describing the characteristics of the integral framework and integral awareness
  • Weaving an integral approach into adaptive leadership
  • Applying various key elements to designing an integral approach in a personal or professional case study
  • Describing and practice three activities that encourage the development of integral awareness
  • Developing a personalized daily practice regime to accelerate personal journey toward integral awareness



  • This course will be of high value to mid-level and senior public servants, military leaders, civil society organizations, and graduate students in relevant fields. It also has value for formal and informal leaders who desire to weave an integral approach into their leadership practices.


Featured Instructor

Dr. McGuigan is an integral scholar-practitioner in the conflict resolution field with decades of experience as a complex problem-solving teacher, facilitator, mediator and coach in complex regional, national and international environments. Along with Dr. Nancy Popp he co-authored Integral Conflict: The New Science of Conflict (SUNY 2015).