Software Development Lifecycle I


It is for those preparing to implement software assurances, incorporate application access control and ensure the implementations of more secure coding. It is geared toward individuals who will have a role in the development of software systems using secure programming practices or mandated to protect an organization’s software from web security threats or cyberattacks, such as code injection or cross-site scripting.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the secure development lifecycle components;
  • Understand the software development models;
  • Recognize information flow models;
  • Discuss alternative software development methodologies;
  • Discuss and apply security design considerations;
  • Explain software vulnerabilities and countermeasures.



  • For individuals, both civilian and military, who want to upskill and receive training in the area of software development and cyber security.



40 hours 



  • $2495 (plus tax)