This introductory course is a must for anyone who works with computers. Whether your workday is focused on front office digital interactions, or you are in the back office protecting the network and data of an entire organization, today’s cyberthreats can affect you. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of today’s information and cybersecurity threats and challenges that organizations face protecting computers, networks, privacy, and data from intrusions and breaches.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain basic concepts and fundamentals of data, information, and their use.
  • Explain the basic concepts and constructs of computers, networks, and network design.
  • Describe the information and cybersecurity risks, threats and vulnerabilities that impact organizations.
  • Describe the structure and use of the WWW, dark web, and deep web.
  • Describe who and what threat actors are and why they want access to your data and information.


12 hours

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Alan McCafferty is a Senior Business Analyst with 25+ years of progressive experience working with public organizations, not-for-profits, start-ups, and multi-national corporations.  Educated in Canada, the USA and Europe in multiple disciplines including Engineering, Business, Risk Management, and Lean 6 Sigma, he is the author of more than 25 white papers and the recipient of the Canada Award for Excellence. During his career, Alan has led the delivery of multi-year $1 billion+, mission critical information technology projects.  As a Cyber Security SME, Alan was key in the developed of the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute cyber security program and teaches several of the courses.  Alan has successfully completed IT, Security, Process, Threat Risk Assessments (TRA), Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), health and safety projects for federal government departments, provincial healthcare organizations and national not-for-profit organizations.  As a senior consultant, he uses his Lean 6 Sigma skills, along with his risk and security experience to help organizations implement low waste, and effective lean processes in areas such as information security management systems, business continuity, department security plans, quality management systems, health, and safety management systems.


Mark Hearn is a seasoned Business Leader and technical Product Management executive, bringing technology and business together to solve market problems for over 25 years. Mark’s expertise in software security and anti-reverse engineering has helped industry leaders solve critical product security issues with innovation and minimized risk. As a product security evangelist, Mark has spoken at many industry conferences and engaged in panel discussions on the need to protect software products from attack. He is an expert on the business risks associated with reverse engineering and the critical impact that hacking could have for manufacturers, and for their customers. Mark has held executive roles in product management and strategic market development, developing expertise in both the business-critical and technical functions related to business strategy, use/abuse cases, technical requirements, competitive analysis, and security threat-risk analysis.

Start With a Solid Framework

This introductory course is a must for anyone who works with networked computers. Whether your workday is focused on front office digital interactions or you’re in the back office protecting the network and data of an entire organization, today’s cyberthreats can affect you.

By completing this course, you’ll have the fundamental knowledge you will need to understand the context of today’s information and cybersecurity challenges, and the learning framework for the Information and Cybersecurity Management Certificate program.

“We are excited that 90% of the participants from YWCA Canada’s Uplift Program have graduated, with the vast majority of graduates going on to secure jobs, maintain their current job, or receive a promotion. The program has had the dual impact of breaking barriers for women and non-binary people in the traditionally male-dominated cybersecurity field, while providing economic empowerment through paths to secure employment.”
-- Uplift Program Team, YWCA Canada

Get Grounded In Reality

Using current and topical information, instructors provide an overview of the data and network threat landscape and the role of information and cybersecurity management.

You’ll be introduced to the threats and challenges today’s organizations face protecting network infrastructures, privacy, and data from intrusions and breaches by focusing on:

  • Computers and computer networks
  • The dark web and deep web
  • The difference between data and information assets
  • Threats and risks to data and information
  • Cybersecurity threats and threat actors
  • The impact of cyberattacks on the Canadian and global economies

Trust an Unbiased Global View

This course is technology- and policy-agnostic. It is designed, structured, and delivered based on a blend of learning processes and real-world experiences. This ensures you get a truly unbiased world view of universally applicable information and cybersecurity principles and practices presented from a neutral, Canadian perspective.

Access a Continuum of Learning

By completing the Information and Cybersecurity Management Certificate program, you will have what you need to transition to additional learning in the field or bridge to other programs offered by PDI.

The Information and Cybersecurity Management Program is an integral part of a continuum of learning ecosystem in security, cybersecurity, and other disciplines offered by the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute (uOttawa PDI). The knowledge, skills, and abilities you acquire through this program are complementary to other offerings in PDI’s security portfolio, including:

Financial Intelligence Specialist Program

National Security and Intelligence Advance Certificate

Coding for Veterans

Cyber Skills for Canadians

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