Foundation In Risk Management


In this course, participants will review risk management (RM) frameworks that address the processes needed to identify, assess, and treat enterprise-wide risks. They will review the application of alternative risk management techniques. They will also learn to present risk information and reports to management.


Topic Relevance

  • Integrating considerations of uncertainty into decision making can lead to better decisions and better outcomes by providing guidance and direction on how to integrate an effective decision-making framework into all organizational activities and operations.
  • Using a holistic approach, the RM function assists organizational resilience by being embedded in all vertical functions of the organization and thus, by acting as a horizontal function, its helps in minimizing the adverse effects of its silo approaches/practices and ensuring interconnectivity of its key risks across these functions.


Learning Outcomes

  • Use the principles of effective and efficient Risk Management (RM).
  • Develop a plan for integrating RM into an organization’s existing governance, leadership, and culture.
  • Affirm that the need for effective RM when changes impact the organization.
  • Apply the RM process to identify, analyze, evaluate, and manage enterprise-wide risk.
  • Explain Cost of Risk and Present Value Analysis in selecting optimal RM options including managing cyber security risks.
  • Communicate risks to stakeholders
  • Monitor and review the RM plan and process.



  • Members of the Boards of Directors responsible for finance, safety, governance.
  • Cyber security officer, team leaders and their employees and/or subcontractors
  • Safety and risk management middle managers.
  • CFOs and investment managers
  • Risk practitioners
  • Risk trainers
  • Risk consultants



12 hours


  • $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructors

Mr. Awad Loubani has successfully managed organizations since 1991 with 29 years of experience in public sector organizations and an aggregate total of 18 years experience in not-for-profit and voluntary organizations. He is a a visionary leader as well as a trusted advisor that enables organizations and teams to make strategic and risk-informed decisions. Mr Loubani has conducted numerous national and international training courses, workshops and sessions about Quality and Risk Management, project management, finance, and business planning on an ongoing basis. As a Canadian and international RM expert, he enhances the RM function within organizations by moving the risk culture from avoidance to focusing on informed risk outcomes. He advocates managing risk to protect/grow the firm's value by enabling it to achieve its objectives more effectively and with greater long-term certainty. His approach to effective RM enables organizations to achieve their objectives by continually assessing risks to reduce surprises, capitalize on opportunities and improve performance.