Information Design: Creating Engaging Infographics


"An image is worth a thousand words."

But maybe a few words can help to better understand that image, right?

This course will teach you cool techniques to make information more easily to be understood, more engaging and visually attractive! All that is possible with the use of infographics - or Information Graphics -, tools that make complex content more accessible to audiences, combining techniques of visual representation and design elements to help with complex information digest.

For creating those infographics, we will be using, an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.



At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the basic concepts of designing information
  • Recognize the use of icons, symbols and images
  • Organize and structure complex ideas using mind maps
  • Use data visualization to work with charts
  • Balance text and graphic images
  • Use Canva to sketch, publish and share infographic designs



  • Professionals at any level seeking to improve their visual content presentation skills with practical graphic design tools.
  • Communications specialists and content creators who want to refine or refresh their visual content presentation ability.



12 hours



  • $1,095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Bruno Campos is a PhD candidate under the INDI Program at Concordia University. His background combines a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a master’s degree in Design and Hypermedia. During his undergraduate studies and after achieving his bachelor’s degree, Bruno worked as a graphic designer for various companies until he was able to make his dream a reality and do what he loves most: teach.

Since 2020, Bruno is a permanent faculty member in the Graphic and Web Design Program at CEGEP Heritage College, in Gatineau. He has over 10 years of teaching experience in design-related courses, such as Infographics, Information Design, Digital Illustration, Image Manipulation, Script and Storyboard, Branding, Design Management, Portfolio, Graphic Production, and others.



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