Business Process Improvement: Facilitating Your Kaizen Event


You must have taken the Business Process Improvement: An Introduction, Business Process Improvement for Personal Efficiency, Business Process Improvement for Problem Solving, Business Process Improvement for Project Champions course or equivalent before registering for this course.


The journey for professional growth is one of the key ingredients for success, especially in the world of Business Process Improvement. A Kaizen Event brings together all the people involved in making a process work correctly, including operators of the process, their direct managers, executives and other stakeholders. Kaizen is a Japanese word that can be translated as “change for the better”. The goal is to tap into the benefits of a culture of continuous improvement and make incremental improvements that can lead to significant benefits cumulatively.

During Kaizen Events, people spend time brainstorming ideas on how to solve specific challenges, cut waste, maximize value, streamline flow and reduce errors. Held over a three-to-five-day period, a Kaizen Event will map out existing processes, discuss ways these processes can be improved and determine action items within the scope of the requirements.  At these events, the focus is completely on the process under discussion and participants feel free and comfortable to suggest improvements, without judgments.

Our Business Process Improvement: Planning and Executing a Kaizen Event workshop will examine the critical factors that can determine the success of a Kaizen Event. We will look at creating the Event Scope and how to break the Kaizen into days, including pre-event planning, current state documentation and evaluation plus future state planning, creation, implementation and operationalization.

The workshop covers the need to have/hire/train a facilitator and how to gain commitment and understanding from senior management. We discuss defining Kaizen boundaries and the team engagement/creation required to implement and lead the Event, including the follow-up. We feature a number of BPI tools previously covered that apply.

BPI and Kaizen walk together. Ultimately, like Business Process Improvement, Kaizen is a philosophy, a mindset and an attitude of problem solving.

Mandatory workshops to complete pre-registration


Business Process Improvement: An Introduction

Business Process Improvement: Personal Efficiency

Business Process Improvement: Problem Solving

Business Process Improvement: Project Champion

The Kaizen Event workshop is configured and based on the knowledge covered in these four available courses.  This information is critical to understanding the focus of the content.



  • When and How to Use a Kaizen Event
  • How to Plan and Set the Scope of a Kaizen Event
  • Types of Kaizen Events
  • Kaizen Event Best Practices and Principles
  • Gaining Commitment from Management and Operations
  • Leading and Facilitating a Kaizen Event
  • Creating a Checklist for your Kaizen Event
  • Critical Factors that Determine the Success of a Kaizen Event
  • Tools to Use in a Kaizen Event
  • Beyond the Kaizen Event



  • Those Business Process Improvement participants who are interested in knowing more about creating and participating in a Rapid Improvement Event based around the Kaizen principles. We focus on how to Plan and Execute a Kaizen Event based on office-related improvement efforts. Many of the concepts and tools can also apply to production-specific events as well.



12 hours



  • $1095 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Jeffry Morgan, M.Ed., has spent the last 3 decades running the third largest cultural touring agency worldwide and has done business in more than one-third of the world. Jeffry’s keen sense of observation and formal background in teaching make him particularly gifted at expressing leadership and management principles through examples and language that all of us can relate to. He has authored a compendium of management and leadership techniques as well as numerous articles.

Daniel Wong, BSc, MBA, PMP, PSM I, has specialized in IM/IT for more than 25 years, in both the private and public sectors and has consulted in the not-for-profit and charitable organizations. He draws on his experience in program delivery, people development, financial management and inter-ministerial partnerships.

Daniel is recognized as a seasoned project manager and scrum master where he has led various technical teams to deliver complex IT projects and business transformation in a large-scale decentralized operational and multi-client organization. In addition, he has noteworthy experience in internal audit, environmental data analysis and coaching in continuous improvement, performance management and strategic thinking.

Daniel is particularly effective in building partnerships between business and IT communities.



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