Business Process Improvement: An Introduction


Truly understanding client focused value makes providing exceptional results to your internal and external clients much easier to do. This course explores the steps to diagnosing and fixing a process. Participants will be able to apply process improvement to their own work and know what to eliminate, what to refine, or what to add to deliver results because just adding to the workload, or doing it faster, rarely making results better.


Learning Outcomes

  • Determine what type of process improvement would best apply to your reality
  • Identify the core values and principles that need to be developed or enhanced in your work to enable process improvements
  • Use one or more core process tools per key BPI step
  • Quantify the degree of value your process provides
  • Provide management with the data showing the improvement’s impact
  • Plan how to prevent some of the typical pitfalls of process improvement



  • This course is designed for frontline staff to senior management looking to improve their or their team’s work, to help achieve organizational results.



6 hours



  • $655 (plus tax)


Featured Instructor

Jeffry Morgan, M.Ed., has spent the last 3 decades running the third largest cultural touring agency worldwide and has done business in more than one-third of the world. Jeffry’s keen sense of observation and formal background in teaching make him particularly gifted at expressing leadership and management principles through examples and language that all of us can relate to. He has authored a compendium of management and leadership techniques as well as numerous articles.

Daniel Wong, BSc, MBA, PMP, PSM-I, has specialized in IM/IT for more than 30 years, in both the private and public sectors and has consulted in the not-for-profit and charitable organizations. He draws on his experience in program delivery, people development, financial management and inter-ministerial partnerships.

Daniel is recognized as a seasoned project manager and scrum master where he has led various technical and agile teams to deliver complex IT projects, service renewal initiatives and business transformation in a large-scale operational and multi-client organization. Furthermore, he has noteworthy experience in internal audit, environmental data analysis and coaching in lean six sigma, performance management and strategic thinking.

Daniel is particularly effective in building partnerships with business and IT communities.


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