Docker & Kubernetes Basics


CENGN’s Docker and Kubernetes Basics covers the key concepts and skills required to deploy and orchestrate containerized applications. Docker and Kubernetes, the industry leading container runtime and orchestration tools, are used throughout. In particular, the course covers Kubernetes architecture and objects including replication controllers, deployments and services.

The course includes hands-on labs hosted on CENGN's multi-vendor cloud. Labs build in sequence, from investigating a standard Nginx container in Docker to deploying a custom image with Kubernetes. The course culminates with a basic Kubernetes troubleshooting exercise.

This training package includes one attempt for the CENGN Docker and Kubernetes Basics exam. Those who successfully complete the exam will earn a CENGN Docker and Kubernetes Level 1 digital badge, which can be posted on LinkedIn and other social media.

 Recommended Prequisites:

  • Moderate level of skill with networking, Linux, and virtualization
  • Basic understanding of DevOps (for example, CENGN Introduction to DevOps)

Duration: Learners will need approximately 20 hours to complete the course. Learners will have access to the online content and labs for 4 weeks. 

Please note: Registration closes a week prior to start date.



  • Explain key container concepts
  • Manage Docker containers
  • Describe Kubernetes components and architecture
  • Create a single-node Kubernetes cluster
  • Work with standard Kubernetes objects such as pods, replication controllers, deployments and services
  • Troubleshoot Kubernetes manifest files



  • Software/network/cloud engineers and architects; cloud team managers


Delivery Mode

  • Learn on your own schedule with self-paced online training and labs.


Featured Instructor

The CENGN Academy team of subject matter experts will be available to support you while you take this course. We will answer your questions, confirm your labs, and check in with you after your course to assist with your badge exam preparations. Contact details will be provided when the course begins.


This course is offered through B2B Group Training, upon request. Please submit a group training request